Friday, 22 February 2013

On the home straight...

January has been a tough month....the 12 week block of training since the end of the 2012 season is over, the excitement of Christmas has passed, then there's another 12 weeks to go from February - April. January's just stuck in the middle, presenting training challenges with ice, freezing winds and dark starts and finishes to the day.

Getting in the km's in the 50m pool in Bath, currently doing 13 swim sessions a fortnight...hopefully it will be worth it!

Race season is not far make the most of the intense training time we have left!
However, we're now into February, and although the weather remains bleak, there is a light on the horizon of a little race this Sunday, the third year running - the DB Max Chilly Duathlon (it's all in the name!). Mentally, this small local race poses such a break-up for training and has kick started the last 12 week block. 

So if your struggling with motivation to get through the last part of winter, enter a duathlon, or run or bike race, to remind you why you do the sport, and why the winter training will SO be worth it come May! Watch some YouTube videos, remind yourself what transitions are and get out when the suns shining.

I'll post an update after race day!

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