Thursday, 27 December 2012

New Year in Majorca with The Triathlon Shop

Christmas over, and The Triathlon Shop staff, race team and friends set off to Majorca for some sunshine, sea and training over the New Year 2013. The ten athletes set off from Bristol on the 27th December leaving behind driving rain, fog and crowded roads for warm temperatures, empty roads and mountains.

Heading out of Port de Pollenca, Majorca for a long ride.

We arrived at the gorgeous six bedroom private villa in the evening and headed onto the sea front for a steady 10km run, before coming back to reassemble bicycles and eat. The first day we headed out for 95km of riding up into the mountains, a sea swim which was a 50m walk from the villa. I've never been to Majorca before but the cycling is fantastic, clear and quiet roads and no lack of hills (sadly?). We passed the Team Sky hotel (sadly they weren't there), where they spend there winter training in the Spanish mountains around us. My cycle legs were tested cycling with the big boys this week - considerably longer and hillier rides than usual but I think I kept up pretty well, giving them extra rest while they waited for me on the summits. 
Plenty of photo opportunities for the boys while they waited for me at the top.
Base camp for the next week! 10 bikes fill the villas entrance.
The swimming was very warm - wetsuits required of course but warm enough to stay in for 90 minutes before wrinkly fingers and numb toes coaxed us out. We weren't alone, the odd jellyfish (or two) would join most of our swims, getting me twice on the nose and feet. Unsure why, but out of the ten of us I was the only one? Whether this reflects a great or poor swim technique I'm yet to find out... Either way, by the end of the week my neck was sore from looking for jellyfish while swimming. We travelled from the villa to some different bays a couple of days to swim elsewhere, which was fantastic. The water is so clear and calm, and despite strange looks from locals who clearly thought we were utterly barmy or recently released from mental institution's, we had a great time.
Raring to go!
warm up dances pre swim in the bay near the 70.3 course

Aside from a 25 hour training week we were also out there for New Year which was spent eating in chinese restaurants, ice creams in Burger King (low fat options - obviously) and watching fireworks in the Port. Quite a memorable way to see the New Year in. What more could you ask for? Sun, sea, sand, great friends, great training and er, ahem, awesome food?

Landed back in the UK with a bump, through the fog and rain we could just about make out the terminal building where we collected our bikes and luggage and said our farewells. Training has been going well since - after a few days active recovery (active recovery...what is that?!) its back into the 20-22 hour weeks alongside my final year at Bath University and a few shifts every now and again at The Triathlon Shop.

Happy New Year from THE TRIATHLON SHOP in Majorca 2013!

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