Friday, 18 January 2013

Winter Training Update

Well, the snow is falling thick and fast in Bath, 10.30am and there's a good six inches on the ground, doesn't look like its going anywhere fast either! This of course makes training slightly tricky - the pool is closed, the bike wont be leaving the house, so snow running and turbo time it is!

Since coming back from Majorca, training slowed down a little. The running and swimming while out in Spain were no more intensive, if anything less - than the training over the past 3 months, but the cycling was longer, harder and hillier than my legs or body were used too. I found myself lagging for a few days back in the UK, which affected all three disciplines - not just tired bike legs.

Winter hitting Bath hard!

Training is currently done in 14 day blocks. 10 days hard and intensive then 4 days recovery with just one or two sessions each day at a lower intensity, like an hours aerobic swim or a two hour ride. The focus this winter is swimming - after securing elite starts last year, I still found myself coming out the water mid-last which didn't give me a chance to be in faster paced bike packs or use my run very much. During each 14 day block covers 12-14 hours of swimming...hopefully it will pay off! At this time of the year, the cycling is long and steady, with two or three  interval sessions during each block.

Spreading some festive cheer round Bristol

This is my first 'proper' winter of training after a full season of's hard work! Last year I was averaged about 14 hours over the winter, this year its a bit more serious and about 20hrs a week. I'm enjoying the swimming more than I thought I would, its a real boost seeing your times come down each week, doing sessions off faster times and setting PB's. I love the treadmill sessions - I find them great for holding your form over faster sessions and they certainly make you work hard! I've always been a runner though - and enjoy just as much the steady runs around the fields and city at a more leisurely pace.

Poolside work in Bath
Aside from training - its also final year at University! A 15,000 word dissertation due in April (on young elite injured athletes and the affect this has on their self and athletic identity) and other modules alongside, its always go-go-go! Planning for life post-graduation is also something to consider in between training and work.

 Right, time to hit the turbo! x

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