Monday, 6 August 2012

Trowbridge Triathlon

4 days after the last race (see Mid-Week Duathlon) and back for more! Another small local triathlon, at Trowbridge leisure centre, a sprint distance triathlon with some variations....400m pool swim, 26.5km bike followed by a cross country 5km run!

Feet out the shoes! Coming into T2...

Matt, Dad and I had all entered, though Dad had been living life up at the Olympics the night before, witnessing three British golds in the athletics stadium! So while he was a bit tired he decided to withdraw (no symapthy I would have withdrawn for those Olympic tickets! Matt had a good race, 3rd fastest swim, fastest run split but after a few hundred km racked up on the bike that week, had a slightly tiring bike ride that day. As Matt races elite too, in the local races the most important bits are to be putting in the fast swim and run splits, as elite racing with be draft legal on the bike.

The Scott and I exiting T1...

I had a good swim, 5.15 which is 10seconds off from a couple of months ago which is always good! Strong bike ride with once again the gorgeous Scott loaned from The Triathlon Shop, but a poor run, 20.10 for 5km, pushed hard on the bike though, and paid for it when I got off...! It was all good enough to grab first place though, first in the 20-24 age catergory, and first female overall by just over a 2.30min margin!

Trowbridge is a great race, really low key and friendly, the longer bike course obviously suits it slightly more to the cyclists, but its also a great race for the novices. One for those who are happy on bikes other than road, there were many mountain, upright and other bikes round the course. The race was organised by DB Max, who are well known for their chip timing and prompt organisation and running of races on the day. Check out their website to see their upcoming events, results and more info about the company.

My cool trophies! 

Here is a link to some more photos taken by a photographer on the day...

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