Wednesday, 18 April 2012


May 2011, and a secured spot for the 2012 European Championships in Israel. Through the winter I struggled with a shoulder injury, which required steroid injections, physio and reduced training in the pool, it wasn't the best race prep for a European Championships.

After applying for funding from Bath University, I was granted with a very generous contribution to flights and accommodation. But the doubts were with the injury, and whether making the 7 hour flight to Israel, would be worth it to have a race where I wasn't at my best. The decision was to withdraw. Today the rest of the team flies out, to compete this weekend in the race. 

Its one of the 'not so great' things that accompanies being an athlete, very frustrating and upsetting especially when a big race in the pipeline has to be missed. But hopefully taking the time to properly recover and fix my shoulder will pay off later in the season.

Instead, this weekend I will be travelling to Windsor, Dorney Lake with the Bath Uni Tri Squad for the first Triathlon of the season, it won't be 34 degree Israel, but hopefully it will be a great race and start the 2012 season on the right foot.

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